Project Name

Timelogix Rebrand




Branding, Design, UI

The goal of the rebrand was to better embody the company motto of “your time is our business”


To increase online shopping cart goal conversions through the creation of a cohesive brand identity and a responsive web redesign. Making use of industry best practices, competitor analysis, and user interaction refinement of webpages to build trust in a brand aimed at budget-conscious mom and pop business owners.

My Role

As part of a four-man marketing team I conceptualized and mapped out the user purchasing journey to identify the optimal web purchasing flow all the while enhancing SEO effectiveness.

I was responsible for the project management of two other creative designers (one web one graphic), copywriting, and creative direction of the elements to be put on the webpages.

Through a collaborative team effort, we managed to redefine and simplify the customer journey, build trust, double page views, increase user interactions, and ultimately contribute to a 200% increase in online shopping goal conversions.


The goal of the animated Video was to give an overview of timelogix it’s solutions and common customer pain points that could be solved by putting their trust in timelogix

My Role

I came up with the idea of having an overview video to represent the brand ala the sister company EasyClocking and was responsible for storyboarding and managing the selected outsourced designer in completing this project.

This project was an excercise in project management, having to hold daily meetings with the outsourced designer, having to coax the designer in getting additional revisions to get the project completed, even going as far as applying color theory to the indivisual scenes in order for the video to reach an acceptable customer facing level.

Timelogix Social Media concept

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